Financial Services

A large human resource services group involved in processing pensions

The assignment involved a review of the group’s key pension processes and its transaction processing centres across several centres in the U.K.

Consulting analytical tools were used including observations, interviews, process audits and data analysis.

Improvement proposals and recommendations were made and accepted by the client.

Sub-prime mortgage processing subsidiary of a recognisable building society

The unit was a transaction processing and contact centre for a number of high street brands. One particular contract was under distress and failing to meet its contract service levels.

The assignment involved examining all aspects of the contract itself and the way it was being operated, the IT systems, processes, people and customer service culture.

Although there were issues across all aspects of the contract the key problem was in the way the core support processes had been developed.

A report was produced and recommendations made, with specific emphasis on processes, and on how work was planned and issued. The client took immediate action on its recommendations.

Small business unit of a major UK bank

The divisional head of the bank required a review of the efficiency and effectiveness of its loan processing unit.

This operational management based assignment involved the use of analytical tools including observations, interviews, transaction based audits and data analysis.

A management operating framework report was produced highlighting the scope for productivity and performance improvements  relating to processes, planning and forecasting, reporting and how work was allocated and executed.

In conjunction with similar exercises undertaken by colleagues, the report directly led to an implementation exercise acting upon its recommendations.

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