Pro-forma Letter of Engagement

Engagement arrangements between (Client) and Darwen Management Services Ltd)

(Project name) Period: dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy

Thank you for engaging Darwen Management Services Ltd on the above assignment. This letter, together with the enclosed terms of reference and contract set out the basis upon which we will act.

Darwen Management Services Ltd has agreed to provide a set of deliverables which are set out in attached schedule and which Darwen Management Services Ltd is expected to deliver using its own methodology and, by request, other proprietary analytical tools in use by (the client). Other than the successful and timely completion of the work, Darwen Management Services Ltd will determine whether and when its employees are required on-site and where resources (staff or otherwise) are needed from (Client). It will be the responsibility of Darwen Management Services Ltd to identify these and liaise with relevant (Client) managers and staff to ensure that timetables and outcomes are met.

Fees are chargeable on a day rate basis in accordance with the contract. To confirm, for the duration of this project charges will be levied at a rate of £(rate) per day plus project related travelling and subsistence, hotel and other direct expenses. The minimum chargeable period is a half day and VAT is applicable at the appropriate rate.

Darwen Management Services Ltd will ensure that its staff attend meetings related to the progress of the contract, but there is no expectation that the staff will attend other team meetings unless these relate to the company’s health & safety, computer and security policies, which (Client) expects all staff and contractors to follow.

It has been made clear to all (Client) staff that Darwen Management Services Ltd has been engaged for the (Project name) and is not required to provide general operational advice or further services beyond those agreed for the successful completion of the work.

Darwen Management Services Ltd will seek to provide continuity of service, but where it is felt that someone else can make a useful contribution, Darwen Management Services Ltd will arrange for the services to be provided by an additional consultant or staff member at no additional cost to (Client).

Similarly, where due to illness or unavailability a substitute is required, then Darwen Management Services Ltd will arrange for a suitably qualified and experienced replacement who meets (client’s qualification criteria) to be available, with the costs of any handover period to be borne by Darwen Management Services Ltd.

It will be the responsibility of Darwen Management Services Ltd to ensure that the work undertaken by any substitute or any additional consultant or staff member meets the agreed service levels and that the agreed timetable and outcomes are delivered.

Complaints should in the first instance be addressed to Mr G. Melia at the above address. All complaints will be addressed promptly and in a professional manner.  If, however, you remain unsatisfied by the response you have a right to complain to the professional body regulating Darwen Management Services Ltd practice which is the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

Darwen Management Services Ltd respects the sensitivity of client consultancy work and undertakes to take all reasonable steps to maintain such confidentiality. In accordance with ICAEW best practice the company is registered with the COI under the Data Protection Act.  

Finally and for the avoidance of doubt, this engagement is intended to terminate upon successful completion of the deliverables, but in the event that the project is halted either temporarily or permanently prior to the anticipated conclusion, this contractual relationship will come to an end with immediate effect. There is no expectation by either party of further work ensuing after this engagement has ended.

It is understood that certain benefits (examples) and some social facilities are only available to employees. All contractors and consultants who provide site based services on a regular basis will be issued with a security id card and may have contact details listed in the (Client) internal directory. These should be carried at all times when visiting client premises.

It would be appreciated if you would confirm your agreement to the terms of this letter by countersigning and returning one copy to the above address.

The following schedules are enclosed with this letter and should be read in conjunction with it:

  • Contract between Darwen Management Services Ltd and (Client).
  • Assignment terms of reference.

Engagement arrangements between (Client) and Darwen Management Services Ltd
(Project name) Period: dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy.


I/We acknowledge receipt of the (project name) engagement letter and the enclosed documents which fully record the agreement between us concerning the appointment of Darwen management Services Ltd to carry out the work.

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