Business Performance Improvement Consulting for small and medium sized enterprises

Performance Improvement

Reduces the costs of legacy efficiency and effectiveness issues through tactical process improvement.

dms Process Improvement

Effective and efficient processes translate into better customer satisfaction and improved profitability. Drawing from extensive experience in tuning processes in large organisations, dms can not only provide a basic process-writing and flowcharting service but can help your staff understand the importance of ‘owning’ process and focusing on a cycle of continuous improvement.

A dms process deliverable would usually involve written flowcharts, operating instructions and a training package.  Stakeholder workshops are also used to develop, validate and agree any points of concern or contention.

Process Flow
dms Sales & Bid Process

Introduces a best practice governance framework for processing your sales bid opportunities.

dms offers a specialist bid process development service.

Using the experience of several years qualifying opportunities in a business to business sales environment, dms can provide a best practice framework for the qualification and approval of bids before they are submitted to prospective customers.

Key outputs will not only include the delivery and installation of a bid process that aligns with your existing systems and processes, but will include the ‘hands-on’ installation of that process. This can include managing key qualification and approval meetings if required. 

dms Team Performance

Develops and installs an operational performance framework focused on improving productivity.

Teams require the right kind of management to perform. A dms team performance solution is not based on the ‘theory’ element of driving the right kinds of behaviours but focuses on the elements that really make a difference. Productivity improvement challenges cannot be addressed overnight. They often require a completely new approach and extended support over a period of months.

The dms team performance deliverable will ensure that the following elements of high performing teams are in place:

Regular team meetings are in place and their content is used to drive performance.

One to one performance reviews and and ‘real time’ coaching takes place on a regular basis.

Performance indicators have integrity and are the right ones.

A regular and relevant capacity planning process in in place, and it ‘connects’ to higher level demand forecasts.

Work scheduling exists and is fit for purpose.

Broader disciplinary processes are in place and any incentives schemes ‘work’.

Appropriate attention is given to work quality control.

Training and development plans are in place and relevant to the needs of the organisation.

dms Resource Planning Models

Reduces the costs of mismatches in demand and supply by improving your forecasting and planning models.

Effective resource planning is essential if demand requirements are to be met.

dms can help build  a demand forecasting and resource planning model to help your business meet its operational and customer needs. Broader finance based models for use in both forecasting cash flow and negotiating loan and overdraft agreements with banks can also be built to meet specific or more general operating needs.

Key outputs of this service would be the delivery and handover of an Excel based model that meets your particular needs. Appropriate training will be given to a member of your staff as part of the handover process.

dms KPI Frameworks

Ensures that your key performance indicators and other operational metrics are the right ones, and that they help drive productivity and performance.

Most organisations create vast quantities of reporting output. But there are often too many, they measure the wrong things and are frequently ignored, or are used in ways that do not drive the right behaviours

dms can review your existing performance reporting framework and test it against best-practice benchmarks used in large blue-chips. A new more relevant KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and OPI (Operating Performance Indicator) framework can be developed more suited to your strategic goals and more relevant and useful in driving team performance improvements.

KPI Frameworks

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